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Help Wanted

Please contact the USTSF Board of Directors ( for information on any of the following available positions (serious inquiries only, please): 


1.  Sports Organization Committee Chair/Members.  Non-pay; 5-12 hrs per week.  See
USTSF org. chart; all committees need additional members/help!! 

2.  Information Representatives.  Non-pay; mans USTSF booth at USTSF/ITSF sanctioned tournaments; provides organization information and conducts on-site fundraising sales and raffles. 

3.  Webmaster/Website Administrator.  Non-pay; updates layout, graphics, content as directed by USTSF President and/or members of Board of Directors. 

4.  Newsletter Editor/Writer.  Non-pay; solicits, edits articles and other news submissions for USTSF email/online newsletter.  Arranges page layouts, writes additional articles, may solicit advertising, may contribute to other USTSF website online content.   

5.  USTSF Regional and State Directors.  Non-pay; serves as a) a bottom-up voice of the needs of their respective table soccer constituencies (to include the players, promoters, operators and distributors in their assigned area of responsibility) and b) as a key means of enhanced, cooperative communications regarding any plans/proposals by ITSF, USTSF, national promoters, manufacturers, associations/other federations and that may impact their constituencies.      

Elected (USTSF Board Elections are held annually):

1.  USTSF Board of Directors.  Non-pay; serves in varied leadership and adminstrative roles; engages as lead on specific target issues of concern to U.S. players; may act as liaison between numerous levels of players, promoters, manufacturers, sponsors, media and other national or international federations; may represent the USTSF and the sport of table soccer at various trade shows, tournaments and/or promotional events worldwide.   

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