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Code of Ethics


There are three portions to the Code of Ethics (and Conduct): 1) Organizational, 2) Tournament Officials and Referee’s, and 3) Athletes. Sections XVIII, XIX, XX and XXII of the USTSF By-Laws provide additional guidance on related matters.

1) Organizational Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

The purpose and function of this policy is to provide minimum standards of acceptable conduct for USTSF Staff, volunteers and member organizations. The members of the USTSF’s board of directors, officers and members of committees of the board of directors, including task forces, shall owe to the USTSF the same duties of care and loyalty as are owed by directors of any other nonprofit corporations. Specifically, each director, officer and committee member shall discharge his or her duties (a) in good faith, (b) with the care an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances, and (c) in a manner that the director, officer or committee member reasonably believes to be in the best interests of the USTSF.

Code of Ethics: The Code of Ethics establishes minimum standards of acceptable conduct. The Code of Ethics should be read and complied with by every USTSF employee and volunteer. For this purpose, the term “volunteer” includes the members of the USTSF’s board of directors and executive committee as well as the members of every other USTSF committee and task force. Accordingly, volunteers, staff, and member organizations are required to comply with the following USTSF Code of Ethics when representing, or participating in USTSF activities or events:

1. Conduct all dealings with honesty and fairness.
2. Respect the rights of all employees to fair treatment and equal opportunity, free from discrimination or harassment of any type.
3. Know, understand and comply with the laws, regulations, and codes of conduct governing the conduct of USTSF business - both domestic and foreign.
4. Ensure that all transactions are handled honestly and recorded accurately.
5. Protect information that belongs to the USTSF, our donors, sponsors, suppliers and fellow workers.
6. Avoid conflicts of interest, both real and perceived.
7. Never use USTSF assets or information for personal gain.
8. Recognize that even the appearance of misconduct or impropriety can be very damaging to the reputation of the USTSF and act accordingly.

Conflicts of Interest: The Code of Ethics provides a framework of integrity for interactions with or on behalf of the USTSF. However, given the unique makeup of the USTSF family, more in depth questions may arise regarding conflicts of interest. For this reason the following guidance is provided:

The USTSF defines a conflict of interest as any personal or financial relationship that could influence or be perceived to influence your objectivity when interacting with, representing, or conducting business for or on behalf of the USTSF.

For example if (1) personal or financial interests exist with any person or concern with whom the USTSF has a business or other relationship and (2) the other relationship or interest could influence or be perceived to influence the objectivity of an organization official’s decisions, that individual must:

Disclose the interest to the USTSF Executive Committee, who shall have the authority to either (a) approve the relationship, or (b) refer the matter to the Board of Directors for further consideration. If the matter is determined to present a potential conflict of interest or the perception of a conflict, the individual in question is required to:

1. Excuse themselves from any formal or informal discussions related to the actual, perceived, or potential conflict between the USTSF and the person or concern.
2. Abstain from voting and/or from seeking to influence the vote on any matter related to the person or concern.
Questions regarding the application of the USTSF’s Code of Conduct or the Conflict of Interest Policy must be addressed to the USTSF Executive Committee.

2) Tournament Officials and Referees Code of Conduct and Ethics

Tournament Officials and Referees of the United States Table Soccer Federation (USTSF) shall behave in an ethical manner at all times, in all areas affecting their responsibilities. This involves doing what is inherently right, and just, and is founded on the individual’s integrity and competence, and specifically includes adherence to the rules of play as adopted and approved by the USTSF.

Tournament Officials and/or Referees are responsible to:

1. Be objective and fair in the execution of their duties
2. Provide independent judgments
3. Avoid situations with a conflict of interest
4. Treat all involved in the competition with respect
5. Respect the judgment of other tournament officials and referees
6. Refrain from illegal conduct and/or activities while representing the USTSF

Tournament officials and referees must further understand that failure to follow this Code of Conduct and Ethics could result in being brought before the USTSF Disciplinary Committee for review, a hearing, advisement and/or action per Chapter XVIII of the USTSF Bylaws. Additionally in the case of referees, failure to follow the Code of Conduct and Ethics could result in review by the Officiating Committee and potentially could result in the revocation of USTSF Referee Certification.

3) Athletes Code of Conduct and Ethics

It is the duty of all associated with the USTSF to exemplify the highest ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play. All are expected to both respect and abide by the guidelines for behavior described in the following Athletes Code of Conduct and Ethics.
Athletes are responsible to:

1. Show respect for teammates, opponents, spectators, tournament officials and referees.
2. Respect the integrity, judgment and authority of tournament officials and referees.
3. Exhibit fair play, sportsmanship and proper conduct during play, on the tournament grounds, in the host facility, and to encourage others to do the same.
4. Refrain from the use of profanity, vulgarity and other offensive language and gestures.
5. Adhere to the established USTSF-approved Rules of Play and tournament procedures.
6. Win with character, lose with dignity.
7. Not commit any act that would be considered an offense under Federal, State, Municipal or host country laws.
8. Represent themselves, their teammate(s), their organization or club, their sponsor(s), their fellow competitors, the USTSF, their country, and the community with proper, professional and sportsmanlike conduct at all times.

Athletes further understand that failure to follow this Code of Conduct and Ethics could result in being brought before the USTSF Disciplinary Committee for review, a hearing, advisement and/or action per Chapter XVIII of the USTSF Bylaws. 

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