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USTSF Bylaws and Other Organizational Documents


USTSF Bylaws:

USTSF Organization Bylaws - How the organization is run, how you can participate

USTSF Policy Documents:

USTSF Administrative Rules - Rules established by the Executive Committee of the USTSF to manage the ordinary running of the USTSF’s administrative matters

USTSF Referee Code - The recruiting, formation and regulation of Referees (also referred to as Officials), is the responsibility of the USTSF Referee Committee in cooperation with the Regional Directors and under the authority of/in cooperation with the ITSF Rules Commission

USTSF Sport Code - The Sports Code compliments the Statutes, Bylaws and the regulations of the USTSF. It must be applied in all official tournaments recognized by or concerning the USTSF, subject to specific provisions or contrary arrangements as accepted by the USTSF Executive Committee or the Board of Directors

USTSF Logo Usage Agreement - USTSF logos are the property of the USTSF but may be used by permission, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth

USTSF Equipment and Table Approval - Requirements and Procedures for USTSF Sanctioning and Approval of Soccer Tables and Table Soccer Equipment and Accessories

Other USTSF documents:

USTSF Code of Ethics and Conduct - Applies to USTSF Organization, Referees and Officials, and Athletes (Players)

USTSF Information Privacy Policy - How we treat any personal player information we obtain

USTSF Public Charitable Organization Approval - IRS 501c(3) Tax Exempt and Contributions Tax Deductible 

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