United States Table Soccer Federation
(Established September 1, 2002)

Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors are appointed from October 1, 2002 until September 30, 2004.

President:             Kathy Brainard (Washington)
1st Vice President:    Bruce Nardoci (North Carolina)
2nd Vice President:    Jim Waterman (Maryland)
3rd Vice President:    Larry Davis (Colorado)
Secretary:             Stacey Myers (Texas)
Treasurer:        (to be announced)

Committee Chairs:    

The Chair of the USTSF Committee will also serve as the USTSF representative to the corresponding International Table Soccer Federation committee.

Chair, Rules Committee: Bruce Nardoci
Chair, Ratings Committee:          Stacey Myers
Chair, Tournament Committee:     Jim Waterman and Larry Davis, co-chairs
Chair, Media Relations:              Phil Kennedy
Chair, Membership Committee:    Koko Toro, Southwest Region
                                               Kathy Brainard, Northwest Region
                                                 Phil Kennedy, South Central Region
                                                Mike Newlin, Northeast Region
                                                Bruce Nardoci, Southeast Region

Number of players in the United States:

Recreational players:  approx. 100 000 +
Major table brands:  Tornado, Bonzini, Dynamo, Shelti, Sportcraft
Competitive players:
Group                                Table Brand             Number of registered players
1. U.S. Table Soccer Assoc.   Tornado                        approx. 10 000
     and Valley International
 Foosball Assoc.
                                                       Tornado pro-masters: 108
                                                                                 Tornado pros:            314
   Number of Tornado registered players by state:
   Texas 1 643
   California 787
   Oklahoma 768
   New York 662
   Colorado 597
   Wisconsin 551
   Florida 478
   Louisiana 456
   Minnesota 426
   Missouri 320
   Illinois 287
   Washington 206

2. Bonzini Players' Assoc.                      Bonzini

North American Table
   Soccer Assoc.
                             all tables                            approx. 1 000