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USTSF Sponsorship/Donor Opportunities


Recommendation:  Support USTSF Community Involvement/Sport Development Programs or Sponsor USTSF and Team USA!!

[The USTSF is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity]

The U.S. National Table Soccer Federation is actively seeking varied levels of sponsorships, donations, and/or other related support, both in its efforts to promote table soccer (a.k.a. “foosball”) throughout the USA and in support of the U.S. National Table Soccer Team as they compete in the upcoming International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) World Championships Finals in Europe.

For example, in an effort to increase grass roots promotions, increase visibility of the sport, and give back to the community, the USTSF has commenced fundraising to establish and/or build a number of development programs. These include:

Tables for Troops -- USTSF has commenced to send tables to forward deployed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in an effort to boost morale and relieve tensions in a highly stressful environment. Our first table has already been shipped to Iraq, with troops having pledged to further donate the table to a local orphanage upon any future redeployment.

Tables for Kids -- USTSF has already initiated the donation of used/excess tables of any brand/model to youth centers, such as the Boys and Girls Club of America. USTSF hope to significantly expand on this program in an effort to bring the game to children -- the future of our sport -- nationwide.

Wounded Warriors -- Building on one of the unique origins of the popularity of foosball -- it's use as a therapeutic tool in hand-eye coordination/rehabilitation for those recovering from injuries -- USTSF is working with local contacts in the Washington, DC area to donate tables and run fun tournaments (with promo/merchandise give-aways) and pro demos at Walter Reed Hospital's rec center.

Team USA/U.S. National Teams -- A requirement of recognition as a sport by the IOC and USOC, the USTSF must ensure qualification and/or selection of players to represent the United States in international competition. Held in early January (for the previous year's season), the combined ITSF World Championships and World Cup of Table Soccer is the culmination of a 50+ tournament World Tour, including numerous World Series and International Series tournaments. Organizers (the International Table Soccer Federation [ITSF] and host nation federations have significantly leveraged media coverage, often in connection with the FIFA World Cup of Soccer and other international events, resulting in a huge upsurge in table soccer publicity and tournament & league participation worldwide.  Now is the time to ride this growing wave of excitement!!!

The USA is presently three-time defending champions in the ITSF World Cup of Table Soccer, while in the ITSF World Championships, a "best of the best in all the world" playoff (see ITSF's promo video, Flash Player required) the USA continuously qualifies the most players of any country and in January 2011 dominated both Men's Doubles and Senior Doubles events.  The combined tournament is featured on EuroSport2 and broadcast in 58 countries in 14+ languages -- and has further been picked up by media outlets worldwide from ESPN to the New York Times. 

Sponsors of the U.S. National (World Cup) Team gain 15-20 times the exposure as they would if they sponsored an individual player (the total number of the combined men's and women's teams w/coaches could be 20 or more).  And with the World Cup being a team event, your business logo would be on all 20+ shirts, and you could be advertised on the USTSF website and mentioned in all USTSF worldwide press release distributions as an "Official Sponsor of the U.S. National Team."  Note: All funds received go to the team as a whole, not any one specific player.  Also, there are no exclusive team sponsors (meaning multiple logos will be on every shirt); unless a single sponsor can confirm full sponsorship of all World Cup team expenses including shirts, warm-ups, lodging and airfares for the entire team at least a year in advance.

Last, there is one other main advantage to sponsoring the team, and that is that donations to the team are made to USTSF -- USTSF is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit tax-exempt public charity which for some sponsors may be a greater deduction/more advantageous as a tax write-off than simply as a marketing expense.  Add in the incredible talent of the entire team (sure to make the USA the center of attention for the 50+ media organizations that normally attend) and as you can see, USTSF provides a lot more benefits (public exposure) to the sponsor/donor than simply "give us money and we'll wear your logo on our shirts."  Besides all that, how often can a company sponsor an entire Team USA/National Team (from any sport) for so little?  It's a tremendous value.

The USTSF provides several opportunities for players in the ITSF categories of Open Doubles, Women's Doubles, Women's Singles, Junior Doubles, Junior Singles, Senior Doubles and Senior Singles to earn U.S. National Champion titles and thus the right to compete in the ITSF World Championships.  (By competing in ITSF/USTSF sanctioned events held throughout the USA, players have several other means to qualify to compete at ITSF Worlds as well.)  In an effort to provide greater opportunity to certain classes of players that do not necessarily win enough money in their respective categories to pay for trips internationally (primarily juniors), the USTSF is actively fundraises to ensure that these players are sponsored for the airfare portion of their trips (typically about $1,000 per player).  For juniors, a parent/chaperone is also required (also about $1,000). This offsets about 50% of the total cost to compete internationally for players in these classes, with the players matching the rest out of pocket or via their own sponsor/parent/etc., and thereby significantly improves the chances that the USA will be able to field teams internationally as required by IOC and USOC.

All of the above are examples of programs for which USTSF must seek sponsors/donors and volunteers in order to fully realize their contributions to the community and to the future of the sport.


The USTSF can provide you or your business with the opportunity to take advantage of the rapid growth of this sport, from the local grass roots, youth center, dorm and sports bar level all the way up through international tournament competition.  More importantly, this is an opportunity that provides your business with excellent media exposure in return for your marketing investment – exposure that reaches far beyond the local softball or bowling team sponsorship of providing logo’d shirts in exchange for a tax deduction.  Sponsorships and/or donations to the USTSF, in addition to supporting Team USA, provide the following benefits:

Please see our latest Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities document for the current list of benefits and sponsorship levels.  This document further includes sponsorship opportunities for pro tour tournaments and even the pro tour itself !!

As you can see from the above and the linked documents, each level entitles the sponsor/donor to various levels of benefits – sponsorship exposure from our professional press release distribution alone is worth more than the Bronze Sponsorship level.   And remember, events such as the ITSF World Championships and World Cup of Table Soccer are international athletic competitions and players competing from the USA are "Team USA" -- a team entirely composed of proven champions representing the United States in competition against the champions from some 30 to 40 other countries.  As such, sponsor/donors will in fact receive both local and long-term, widespread international media exposure as well!!

To become a sponsor at any level, please contact the USTSF directlyOr, to make a donation now to USTSF and our community involvement/sport development programs, please click on the "Make a Donation" button below.

USTSF is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity organization staffed entirely by volunteers.  We would appreciate any financial help to aid in covering our operating expenses, better implement our programs, and achieve our goals.  Help support the USTSF by donating (via your credit card or checking account/through Paypal):

Alternatively, donations can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 14455 
Washington, DC 20044

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