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Press Standard Info

   Standard Background Info for Press (last updated 8/22/10):

The USTSF can provide several informative press releases and other attachments, as well as obtaining any other information about our sport you might need -- these are our standard backgrounder documents on our sport and our organization. Examples are "
Foos in the News" (zipped file) and "USTSF Sponsorship Kit" (zipped file).

You are also free to send an email to the U.S. National Team / Team USA (contact us for email distribution list address) and ask any questions you'd like; you should get a few good responses (they are all current and/or past U.S., National, and/or World Champions).  If you'd like to interview a Hall of Famer, we would recommend veteran player and multi-time World Champion Steve Murray (contact us for email); or past International, World and ITSF World Women's Single and Doubles Champion Cindy Head (contact us for email).  Just let any of them know we referred you. 

Among the U.S. National Team members, Adrian Zamora has an instructional video out on the basics of the game and is also on the International Rules Commission. (Note: a different, flashier instructional video is also available through:  

Also, there are tons of excellent DVD videos on the sport at, where there is also a gallery and profiles for those selected to the foosball Hall of Fame. Inside Foos owner Jim Stevens (, himself a Hall of Famer, can further provide photographs of top players from the 40 countries or so that participated in the ITSF's combined World Championships and World Cup of Table Soccer held in January 2010 in Nantes, France, and from all previous years' events held in France, Italy and Germany.  

For a pretty complete glossary of terms/popular jargon, see:  Any of the U.S. Team can help you pick out some of the key ones you might want to use.

Some of the best websites for foosball tournament and/or background information are:

The largest and most popular tournaments in America and around the world are listed on this website:   

Of interest to your readers/listeners/viewers/advertisers, at one time there was a sponsored Million Dollar Table Soccer Tour with tournaments as large as $250,000, while most recently the International Table Soccer Federation oversees a world tour that this year featured the hugely successful combined World Championships and World Cup of Table Soccer held in Nantes, France -- won for the second year in a row by Team USA!!  

There's also a great story to be had on the USA's east coast, where an organization called Bonzini USA does a significant amount of charitable and corporate events featuring Bonzini tables, a rather unique French style of table popular in the southeastern states and the leading table in France. Of interest, Bonzini's North Carolina State Foosball Championships is the longest running state championships in the USA (35 years or so). Contact Alan or Gloria Cribbs at: 336-325-3183,, or take a look at their website: for more info.

Other International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) news/background information: There are now 61 member countries of ITSF, with some 50+ points-race tournaments currently scheduled worldwide for the ITSF 2010 World Tour, varying in size from $2,000 to $100,000. This gives more players from more countries many more opportunities and ways to compete, improve their skills against more people, and more chances to become eligible to play in the ITSF World Championships Finals next year!  Not only that, but as part of ITSF's player development program (initiated six years ago) the combined Worlds/World Cup tournament includes events not only for men, but for women, juniors, seniors and handicapped players.  In another part of ITSF's development fund initiative, at the end of this year's tour each member federation in good standing can receive funding for proposed programs or charitable projects that enhance grass roots player training or player base development, or that help establish national training centers.  And of course, the remainder of the ITSF development fund will continue to be used as it has for the last two years to assist new federations in putting together their administrative, structural, promotional, training and development programs in compliance with the Olympic model.  

ITSF also has attended multiple annual sport evaluation meetings with the International Olympic Committee's credentials commission, at which the IOC validate ITSF's progress in conforming with the required standards for IOC recognition as a sport. (Again, please keep in mind that there is a difference between official recognition by the IOC and actual Olympic participation -- recognition is a key preliminary step and in many countries it results in government funding of player development and training programs and further allows actual participation in Olympic affiliated events such as the Pan-American games, the Asian Games, and more.)  While such recognition won't be forthcoming until after another couple of years of validated compliance/performance, it's nice to see that ITSF continues to stay focused on and committed to its original mission.

Finally, foosball has seen a huge upsurge in public and media recognition over the last serveral years. Television ads featuring table soccer include those by Pepsi, Nokia, Gillette, ESPN, MTV, Nike and more. 

Very respectfully,
Larry Davis, President 
United States Table Soccer Federation

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