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Foos in the News

Be sure to check out daily updates to Foos in the News, as archived on's forum.


EuroSport 2 broadcasts the combined ITSF World Cup/World Championships, LIVE.  In addition to viewership in 54 countries and commentary in multiple languages worldwide, the event will be re-broadcast several times over the coming months and it was further broadcast over the internet in HD quality streaming (allowing even more viewers in more countries to watch)! 


Latest News from USTSF President Larry Davis on the Wide World of Foosball.


Larry Davis, President of USTSF, was interviewed by Foosball Magazine for their July 2009 issue. Read the interview for an overview of the current status of  the USTSF.


During the first week of March 2009, the Eurosport 2 TV channel broadcasted two 26-minute features on the 2009 ITSF World Cup, on Thursday, March 5th in prime time at 19:00 and 19:30 pm (GMT).  Each feature was broadcasted 3 times in 43 countries and 11 languages. In addition, the two 26-minute programs on the ITSF World Cup will also be broadcast in 12 countries of the Asia-Pacific region, starting March 6th, and with repeated broadcast on March 8th and 10th.  Subsequent airing on Eurosport syndicated affiliates will put the total worldwide distribution at as many as 78 countries. Check the teaser prepared by Eurosport 2 to announce these programs (or see .wmv file on that page).  World Cup media coverage recap  Last but perhaps even more important, EuroSport 2 will be contracting to cover both the ITSF World Championships and World Cup of Table Soccer for the next couple of years AND will cover several of the ITSF's World Championship Series tournaments as well !!

World Cup photos


Please see this link of a random sampling of foos in the news. It is not comprehensive (there are more already posted on the forum and the USTSF website) and it only includes two out of a large variety from outside the USA (the two are from industry trade magazines) and it doesn't include online news from a couple of other trade magazines (Replay and PlayMeter), but it is an interesting collection.  It begins with World Cup press release and article links, then has a variety of non-World Cup articles, etc. Enjoy!


December 2008 GamesWorld magazine (the exclusive media partner for the ATEI January 2009 show) article focused on the ITSF's Olympic agenda and the manufacturer's perspectives: Article.


ESPN interview with Tony Spredeman: ESPN - The Magazine article "How to Snake It In", ESPN Video "How to play Foosball'.


This first link is from one of the media organizations that attended the HOF tournament.  A slightly amusing one about a challenge match against Rico:

RawVegas Video - At the Las Vegas Foosball Championship 2008, World Champion Frederic Collignon wins in a showdown against Barrett Applegate.  (or)

Also, We've stumbled across the following mixed array of foosball articles or other foos-related items in the news that we hadn't seen before, and thought we'd share with anyone interested -- enjoy!



WORLD TABLE SOCCER ALMANAC RELEASED FOR ADVANCE PURCHASE:??On Monday, August 27, 2007, Johnny Lott and Kathy Brainard are proud to make available for advance purchase the first numbered collector editions of the all-new foosball book, THE WORLD TABLE SOCCER ALMANAC.

With close to 500 pages, this all-inclusive book has never-before-released historical information and photos, information on foosball scenes around the world, instructional tips and strategies for both beginners and pros and a celebrity foreword by Woody Harrelson. The history section details the story of our game from its origins up to today, as never documented before, with hundreds of never-before-published photos from every era, plus exhaustive records of every table’s tournament champions worldwide from the 1960s to today.

Additionally, over 50 countries contributed information, stats, and photos on the state of table soccer, making this book's scope truly international.

They are simultaneously releasing the "GOLD Hard COVER" collector’s edition and the "BLUE Paperback COVER" player’s edition Monday, August 27, 2007. Available for advance purchase will be books #11-100 of both the GOLD and BLUE editions. These books are numbered and signed for provenance and may be personalized and autographed by the authors for gifts or collectors. They are available on a first come basis, only at their website, so hurry.

The first (10) ten of each edition can only be bought via eBay internet auction commencing Monday September 10th at 12 noon. They are numbered and signed as well, and are sure to appreciate in value for their lucky owners.



Click on Forum and under Chat Area click on Articles and you'll find additional links to more news articles and press releases going back three years.


We don't know if you've noticed, but foosball is everywhere on the news now. In addition to really good tournament write-ups (with photos) in both Replay and Play Meter coin-industry magazines (that include write-ups and/or results from the SuperBowl, MO-KAN Shootout, the "Jimmy V" charity tournament and the U.S. Open), in just the last 90-180 days foos has hit the press in the Olathe News, both the San Francisco Chronicle and the Stanford Daily Press (links below), Minnesota’s Star Tribune and at least a dozen others in the USA, Canada and the UK, not to mention worldwide coverage. Many of you have seen or heard about some of these articles, but how about this one -- released on March 15th was a three page article in DRAFT Magazine (sort of a Cigar Aficionado magazine for beer "connoisseurs" and restaurant/bar owners). The article is a little short but it was very well done -- on par with the really great Associated Press and Christian Science Monitor articles done in January/February, and written better than the New York Times article last November (though being on NYT's page 2, that article sure resulted in a LOT of exposure for the sport). Be sure to also check out the following links, and even more important, use this media blitz to help both yourselves, your tournaments, and USTSF get sponsor participation!! (sorry, it's an outdated link),,2020421,00.html#article_continue

...and here's a couple real good ones from last year that I hadn't seen before:

...and of course, these are just the ones we know about!!


It is a good one. And the beauty of AP news stories is that it got picked up on quite a few web-based news sites (including Sports Illustrated, CNN, and CNBC) and RSS feeds, and in hundreds of newspapers worldwide. This was probably one of the best articles for communicating the sport to the public at large since the Sport Illustrated article during the Million Dollar Tour of the 1970s. 


The reporter at KY State from Lexington CBS CH.27 told me he'd been sent out by his producer who saw the USTSF press release.  On the AP reporter, that is going to be an internationally syndicated release; but the reporter had other pending stories and didn't expect to submit it for release until today. Hopefully that's the case; and he also was responding to the wire service press release distribution from USTSF.  Catching up a bit, foosball was on FOX TV yesterday in the Washington DC area! ( and click on FOX Morning)  - contentId=2206025&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=5.2.1 . Last week it was a Washington Post photographer that came out to a DC area tournament, the week before was a really good Christian Science Monitor newspaper article.) In February look for a "foosball tips & tricks" in the March edition of Maxim magazine and later in March will be the foosball article in DRAFT Magazine. April's Playmeter (a leading coin industry trade magazine for the last 30 years) will feature a write-up and photos from this last weekend's IFP Superbowl.  You might also try doing a web search for "$35,000 SuperBowl of Foosball" -- you should find a press release for that event on or linked to by about 100 websites, depending on which search engine you use.

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